Mekurikko iPhone & iPod & iPad Application
[Mekurikko] !A horse each other is placed with ..peel.. horse of , white and the black, it reverses each other, and the color ..a lot.. is a game application program that becomes a win. horse's final colorOne all over the world and the ranking battle can be done by clearing various stages.
1.[Mekurikko] !It is [riba-shi] of , puzzle sense. peel off

In this version, the stage of 20 was prepared.
Please give peculiar [riba-shi] to me skilled by the puzzle sense.

2.It is possible to restart with the interruption always.

Only portable easiness was valued.

3.It plays a game for ..turning over.. ranking clearing the stage.

The game for the ranking is a game that can compete by the ranking with one all over the world by earning the score.
Please sequentially clear various stages, and earn the score.

The participant in one all over the world does the ranking based on the score.
Let's become the orchis car of the world ranking clearing various stages.

4.Stage clear condition in game for ranking

When you win, the quiz that appropriates the hidden character is set.

The part of a black horse that was able to reverse is sure to be removed, and to see a part of the hidden character.
A white horse that was not able to reverse is obstructing it.

Now please apply what character it is.

The score of the correct answer of the quiz is added when splendidly answering correctly, and it is possible to advance to the following stage.

5.Your assistant ([tsukuru] you) assists.

If [tsukuru] you are pleased, victory is the near future.
When you become superior, [tsukuru] you do large [hashagi].

6.It is possible to fight in the surface of the board of [mekurikko] of man.

When it was a large screen of iPad, fighting of [woikashi] and man was prepared.
[Mekurikko] !It drinks and it can enjoy reversing like the puzzle by man's fighting.

- It is not fighting of the network.

7.Calculation of score

In the game for the ranking, you will play by "Black".

Black number of horses when winning is added to the score as they are.
In addition, the following bonus dividends are added.

When the black wins, the tie two point perfect ten point one point.
It is two points in the quiz correct answer.

However, it is added point.



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