Reversi Plus! ([riba-shipurasu!]) Application for iPhone & iPod & iPad

It can enjoy [riba-shige-mu] that can be called the royal road of the table game.
In addition, this "[Riba-shipurasu!]" adds a gray horse, and the difficulty goes up.
It is [riba-shi] that used three kinds of white, black, gray horses.

A gray horse is a horse that own horse can reverse even if it places with a white horse or it places it with a black horse.

Moreover, a gray horse makes the animal and nature a motif, is arranged beforehand, and various stages are prepared.

It is [riba-shi] of a new sense.

The color ..a lot.. is a game application program that becomes a win. horse's final color
One all over the world and the ranking battle can be done by clearing various stages.

There are two kinds of game menus about "VS War" and "World War".

1)"VS War" is fighting.

Fighting of personal, the computer, and the computer is also possible.
It is possible to play freely in a favorite stage.

The game of this mode doesn't remain in [tataka**].

2)"World War" is a game against the world ranking.

The score is accumulated according to the war record. This score can be confirmed by "Status".
Moreover, own state of the ranking can be confirmed.

As for "World War", the horse of "Black" becomes a player.
The player lives each stage, and it fights, it wins, and it lives in the score repeatedly.

3)Stage clear condition of "World War"

When you win, the quiz that appropriates the hidden character is set.

The part of a black horse that was able to reverse is sure to be removed, and to see a part of the hidden character.
A white horse that was not able to reverse is obstructing it.

Now please apply what character it is.

The score of the correct answer of the quiz is added when splendidly answering correctly, and it is possible to advance to the following stage.

List of the world ranking

Because the game is always preserved automatically, the interruption and the restart are always possible.

The distribution point of the score is as follows.
When the black wins, two points.
Perfect ten points.
Tie one point.
It is two points in the quiz correct answer.

The score is an accumulation. The ranking is a ranking by the accumulation score.


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