Karatsu Kunchi. Limited edition YamaNavi ([**yama] Nabis) is a navigation application program to know the address of present [**yama] simply with iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, it can know the distance with [**yama] and the distance to the [**yama] street point by acquiring own present location with GPS.

The Karatsu Kunchi is an autumn done in Saga Prefecture Karatsu City festival for three days of "Four November 2, November 3, and November".
The crowd for the festival period exceed 500,000 in total (Depend on statistics of Karatsu City).
"[**yama] event of the Karatsu Kunchi" was specified for the important intangible folk cultural property of the country in 1980(1980).
[**yama] of the craft goods of a gorgeous unparalleled lacquer is said mounting up to 1?200,000,000 yen when converting it into a modern production cost, and collects the keen attention worldwide also in the world not to mention Kyushu.

When the location information is confirmed, this application program uses GPS.
The ability is demonstrated by the thing used in the place where the electric wave reaches.

This application is an application in Saga Prefecture Karatsu City active by the limitation for three days of "Four November 2, November 3, and November".


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