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It lets me do four businesses with AiNetMakoto.

A type of industry Explanation
Rental server industry The rental server agency activities of the special server, service. Our main activities do the window of the emergency, the consultation of the customization, sales promotion activities, and so on.
Trust system development industry "Mail magazine issue stand" "result reward pattern system" is various. 2005 years are developing "a live concrete reservation system" "department store member acquired system" at present.
Advertising publication industry It is appearing on about 800000 copies with a result reward type around the advertising publication to the Internet mail.
Contents service development, practical use industry Development of a synthetic project,of the entertainment is being done, and being employed. Development, maintenance is our company investment burden. "VCON" "SHIRITAGARI! ? In such cases as " and "TYAKUUTATUKURUKUN", many.

AT-LINK special server, service regular agency
Relief on 24 hour the 365th, to you
AT-LINK special server, service
The support system of the fulfillment! Outstanding freedom sex, expansion as to the overwhelming cost performance
The operating number breaks through 4,300 at long last! Rapid,meets advanced needs securely based on the actual results of special connection field NO.1 from this as well as to the request which diversifies.

Basic gratuitous service root authority, server watch, help desk and [24 hours 365 days], reboot, OS initialization installation for the trouble and hardware exchange [at the time of the trouble for]
,Security information notice, move support

On-demand gratuitous service Free installation as to the contents of a/motion picture that a free ・ initial cost and a use fee for six months become free in the master domain along with the new application as to the free connection /PostgresSQL,MySQL as to the free installation /analog on the free installation/mailing list [fml]
Practical use support service Auto-restart device, remote reset device, server control tool, server watch, firewall [only for the common use/], virus checker, file abuse notice, data backup,Access log analytic service
Others Reception ,SSL application acting of the bringing machine ,desknet's/SSS, Local connection, dedicated line connection, call standing by server, load distributed composition, load test, credit settlement,Cellular phone telephone number authentication service

Support system IT related service, development (language .NET /Sun JAVA /FlashMX /Perl5.0 /VC++6.0 /VB6.0
/PHP4 /Oracle10 /MySQL /SP /HTML /HDML /CHTML/Doja3.5 /JavaScript /QuickTime6.5 etc )

The second kind of Ministry of International Trade and Industry authorization, information processing technician
"Ainetmakoto is a Licensee to MPEG LA's MPEG-4 Visual Patent Portfolio License "

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Headquarters:847-0861 FUTAGO 3-4-25 Karatsu City Saga Prefecture